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Does science and politics always go together in the minds of scientists and policymakers? Tim Ward, the co-founder of Intermedia Communications Training, strongly disagrees with this. Watch him speak on ways of bridging the gap between scientists and policymakers on this Crastina interview.

For the Crastina theme on Science and Sound- we are happy to introduce you to Dr. Dennis Eckmeier, neuroethologist, freelancer in science editing, communication, advocacy and the man behind “Science for Progress.”

Dr Tullio Rossi and his team of 7 specialists in science, communication and graphic design thrive in transforming Scientific fact into beautiful design and videos.
We reached Dr Rossi for our infographic theme: His company and how he created it is the perfect representation of what we believe in at Crastina: Bringing Science into society and going further than the scientific publication.

What could a scientist gain by learning stand-up comedy?

How to manage a good work-life balance while being a scientist, a comedian, a writer, a teacher, a TV-host AND a father?!

Well, Adam Ruben does it and is very good at his jobs. Here he explained to us how he became such a super multitasker, and also why he teaches stand-up comedy to undergraduate students.

Did you ever have a professor making jokes during lecture and you felt like you understood and learned better in this course than with the monotone and boring professor? Did you ever ask yourself if science and comedy could mix together? Do YOU want to learn AND laugh at the same time?

If you have a majority of yes or no, you should read this interview!

The increasing numbers of Science deniers in the population and political figures are a growing concern.  Many have tried to discuss climate change or vaccination but were confronted with closed eyes and ears (when the discussion did not escalate in a virulent argument).

Dr. Gleb Tsipursky has come up with a solution that allows you to talk to your science denier neighbor without arguing! (Here’s the short answer: yes you can!).


"#5: Mental Health during your PhD – with Lauriane Nallet"

Teen Magazine linking Science and teen issues. Participation to the "Meet the Scientist" section.

Representation of female scientist working in Switzerland.

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