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The Origins 

During my studies, I wished to understand the functions of the human mind: How does the brain heal from an injury? How do we decide between a croissant and an apple, and why the croissant is the obvious choice?!

I obtain my Doctorate in Neuroscience from the University of Zurich in 2019, where I studied the role of a Neurotransmitter in motor rehabilitation after a Stroke. I loved this direct link to a medical application.

My love for science did not bind me to Academic research. During my Doctorate (2015-2019), I started to look outside the academic box for opportunities to grow personally: 

  • I joined the local association for PhDs, Postdocs, and Research assistants to develop my management skills and be part of the decision for Grant distributions.

  • I joined an international speech club (Toastmasters) to gain confidence and eloquence.

  • I became the City Coordinator for the first edition of the international scientific festival Pint of Science in Zurich. 

These experiences confirmed my passion for Science and my love for Project management and Science Communication.

After my Doctorate, I joined the Federation of European Neuroscience Societies (FENS) team as an intern to expand my skills outside of the laboratory. Before the end of my internship, I got the opportunity to join the team of the ALBA Network and help in their mission to promote diversity and equity in brain science.



I am now Consultant as Scientific Programme Coordinator.

I am currently working with the European Pain Federation (EFIC), to organize their international Congresses and manage the Scientific Content of their EFIC Academy Platform. I am assisting the European Psychiatric Association (EPA) in the scheduling of their international Congress Scientific Programme.

My Scientific background and work experience allows me to understand and anticipate the specific needs of your Scientific projects.

I look forward to helping you bring your projects to life!




Neuroscience, Behavior, Plasticity,

Neuronal network... All the science! 

2015 - 2019

University of Zurich, Switzerland

PhD in Neuroscience

"Role of Dopamine in rehabilitation after Stroke"


Bringing Science and Scientist to the public!

(Pint of Science 2019; Crastina)


Harry Potter enthusiast, Fantasy, SciFy, Thriller...

Podcast on Science, Feminism, Mythology...


2012 - 2014

University of Aix-Marseille, France

Master of Science, Neuroscience 

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