I have been a Science enthusiast all my life, but understanding the mechanism of the human mind was my real passion!

How does the brain interpret the information from the body into specific responses? Which mechanism the brain submitted to a disease or an injury use to repair itself?


However, my love for science does not bound me to Academic research. During my PhD (2015-2019), I started to look outside of the academic box for opportunities to grow personally:


-I joined a speech club (Toastmaster) to work on my public speaking.

-I joined my Uni association for Research staff (PhDs/ PostDoc) to develop my management skills and be part of decisions regarding the community (Grant distribution and Event organisation ).

-I organised a 1st edition Scientific Festival (Pint of Science)

- Represented my city (Zurich) at the "My 3min thesis" national competition!


I kept pushing my boundaries since then and I want to keep track of my growth by posting them here.

In the future I want to still work in Science, but not at the bench.

I want to work for a Scientific publisher/journal, a Scientific Communication company, a Non-Profit organisation for Scientific outreach, a Scientific company...


Anything where I could develop my full potential side by side with my passion!





Neuroscience, Behavior, Plasticity,

Neuronal network... All the science! 

2015 - 2019

University of Zurich, Switzerland

PhD Candidate in Neuroscience

"Role of Dopamine in rehabilitation after Stroke"


Bringing Science and Scientist to the public!

(Pint of Science 2019)


Harry Potter enthusiast, Fantasy, SciFy, Thriller...

Podcast on Science, Feminism, Mythology...


2012 - 2014

University of Aix-Marseille, France

Master of Science, Neuroscience 

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